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Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments in Charlotte, NC

No matter how well we take care of our bodies, flaws may arise that can make us self-conscious. Though we're all beautiful inside and out, My Body Spa can help get rid of those insecurities with our body contouring treatments in Charlotte, NC, allowing you to look and feel amazing. Whether you're looking to smooth and shape your body or need teeth whitening, our non-invasive, non-surgical enhancements can help achieve the look of your dreams.

Transforming the Way You Look & Feel

When it comes to improving the way you look and giving you that confidence boost you have been wanting, our cosmetic medical spa is ready to assist you. We have a wide variety of body contouring treatments, including breast lifts and skin tightening, designed to help you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. Some of the different types of services we offer include:

Non-Invasive Liposuction – Looking to get rid of loose, broken up fat in your arms, legs, butt, or abs? Then this is a great option for you. In just three to six sessions, you’ll notice a change in the shape of your body as fat is eliminated. Best of all? There’s no downtime.

Skin Tightening – Losing weight is great, but that doesn’t mean you lose the skin where the fat once was stored. So what can you do about it? You can visit us for our radio frequency skin tightening services. This state-of-the-art method helps your skin become taught and smooth again.

Buttocks Lifts – Using a variety of different techniques, including vacuum therapy and ultrasound waves systems, we are able to help you tone and tighten your buttocks so you can have that full look you are after. You can come in for sessions once a week for the most effective results!

Breast Lifts – Skip the surgery and save thousands of dollars with the help of this innovative treatment. Using only the most cutting-edge tools and machines, our spa is able to help you create the look you want in an intimate, one-on-one environment.

Cellulite Reduction – Tired of that pesky cellulite that keeps you from wearing the dresses and shorts you love? Then it is time to do something about it. With our advanced treatment, you are able to greatly reduce the amount of visible cellulite on your body.

Detox Wrap – Make your skin glow with the help of this non-surgical wrap. These wraps help you expel toxins from your body and, when combined with a sauna treatment, can even help you lose some inches to your waist.

Make sure you take the time to check out all of our additional services as well. Our cosmetic medical spa looks forward to helping you become your best you!

Contact us to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to providing spa treatments to clients located throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.

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About Our Certified Staff

Our staff is fully certified with a passion for body wellness and health. With over six years of industry experience, our compassionate and gentle procedures are always tailored towards your wishes. Whether you are interested in cellulite reduction or our skin retightening services, you can be assured that you are in good hands with our caring staff.

Our body contouring treatments are affordable, painless, and ideal if you're in the mood for some serious pampering on a girls-day-out. Our initial 30-minute consultations must be done in person at the same location as the procedure, and service sessions can be scheduled for right after the consultation. Call our cosmetic body contouring spa today to get started!

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