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Cellulite Reduction & Detoxing

Skin-Enhancing Cellulite Reduction Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Improve your skin’s appearance with cellulite reduction treatment in Charlotte, NC. My Body Spa offers this effective treatment to help smooth out dimpled and lumpy skin on the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. With cellulite reduction, you can enjoy beautiful, flawless-looking skin that you’ll be proud to show off. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Results in 30 Minutes

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with our customized reduction treatment. We place you on a comfortable spa table where you can relax while we target your cellulite with RF waves, massage, and wood. This noninvasive treatment is especially effective for legs and buttocks, but we can use it on any affected area of your body. An advanced herbal cellulite treatment is also available. The cost of a cellulite reduction treatment is $125.

Wrap It Up

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and like any other part of it, the skin needs proper care to remain healthy. Give your skin some special care with a detox wrap. While removing toxins from your body, this treatment also improves your skin’s texture. A detox wrap costs $75 for 45 minutes.

Burn up to 1,400 calories with just one session. There are numerous health benefits to a detox wrap, including weight loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system. The controlled, timed heat of the body wrap will cause the body to sweat and release toxins.

Cellulite Reduction in Charlotte, NCDetox Wrap in Charlotte, NC