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Cellulite Reduction & Detoxing

Non-Surgical Detox and Cellulite Reduction in Charlotte, NC

Let's face it; we all have cellulite and areas of our skin that could be improved. But at The Body Spa, we're here to turn that around. With incredibly easy cellulite reduction in Charlotte, NC, we can have your skin looking young in no time. Contact My Body Spa today!

Cellulite Reduction - $125 for 30 Minutes

This treatment is customized to your exact wishes. It can be used in any area but is most popular in the buttocks and legs. It uses radio frequency, waves, massage, and wood treatment to smooth your skin, ridding it of pesky cellulite. For advanced treatment, we also use a cellulite reduction mask containing green herbs.

You'll be situated on a comfortable spa table with leather cushions, and in just minutes, you'll feel more confident and ready to wear whatever you wish. Sessions should be held a week apart from another.

Detox Wrap - $75 for 45 Minutes

Feel like a new person with our non-surgical detox wrap. This is designed to make your skin glow like never before! Call for further details on this service.

Cellulite Reduction in Charlotte, NCDetox Wrap in Charlotte, NC